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I'm still alive ;w; But happy belated new years. I been on an adventure studying more on scripting and so on but realized i'm doing this only to make a game... tough to balance when you wanna just tell a story and make art *sigh* also made me into a robot in isolation. Another reason why I had to stop EC because of college. Now rl job has also taken a toll of my energy everyday too so what is sleep haha.
Anyways, I've done alot of things over the past year. I should share it here more often.

I also wish to thank the fans out there still emailing me at random times... and at random places... it keeps me smiling so thanks! It means alot you guys still care!

First off I'm planning to make a visual novel for EC called EC minus. I'll post on my DA soon with some of my arts done for it. It's about Jade (who I renamed it from Johnny), when his parents are still with him. It will be canon for the remake I wished to make as well... Making a visual novel will let me post stories much faster than animating them and I know it's been years since you seen that side of the story.
But first, my main videogame project: Memories Forgotten.

I have to say I started making MF with no knowledge of scripting. As you recalled PF, which it's scattered in our memories *cough* youtube channels walkthroughs, it's just me in middle school tapping if statements only... Side note... it's not I wouldn't reupload the game. It's cause I can't. I lost the original fla file that needed me to change the url dependent for the save file transffer. It's also very hackish cause noone made a save file on NG during that time for me to understand how to rlly do it. But this is also why I'm making MF to be the true gameplay game I invisioned... right lol I'll make lenz wear Thavidu's original costume with his original weapon lol

But back to the topic, I think I hit a milestone to MF development. 90% of the skeleton that makes a game is done. Now I'm focusing on art and 3d models and animations. It's rlly hard to make a game ;w; by yourself.... (if your making a RPG genre) I'll tell you that. But it's fun lol

 Screen3 by LenZchu

I'm planning to set out a demo of it for the public when it's done. It's just ganna be a small level with a boss. Hopefully at the same time I'll start a patron or something for support.
BTW I posted more vid logs last 2 weeks ago on my youtube channel. To give you guys an idea of where I am instead of a pic:


The majority of my time is spent on slot logic and customizing them thru a list. Not that it is hard but to keep it glitch free is... and bugs.

TLDR: I'm still alive...


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